Testimonials 4 CAREO


When you work with CAREO@Whitefield Consulting Worldwide, you get more than just a job well done.

You become part of our exclusive alumni network. It’s always nice to be part of a great family because we are stronger together.

Elena Garcia Fernandez,
PR & MarCom Executive

Praise4CAREO: “Andrew shows enthusiasm, passion and professionalism in everything he does. If I had to describe him in one word, I’d say he’s an inspiring person. As soon as you meet him, you are amazed by his work and personality. I must say that he is one of the best teachers, advisors and leaders I’ve met. I absolutely recommend him.”

Dhruv Patel,
Business Head – Exports at Ammann Apollo India

Praise4CAREO: “Andrew has been extremely helpful in my career…especially in selecting right B-school and coaching me along the way. His expertise in this area achieved great results for me personally. I would highly recommend Andrew for his career counselling.”

Ladislas Foumoux,
Experienced Senior Military Officer, France

Praise4CAREO: “Andrew is an amazing achiever, hard worker and outstanding writer who uses his qualities to change them into a prince or princess. He made me realise some of my best qualities, which changed my life. As a person, Andrew has also become in the course of time a great friend. I unhesitantingly recommend him and the CAREO MBA coaching services team.”

Xavier Gastaldi,
Vice President at Deutsche Bank

Praise4CAREO: “Andrew is one of the best “diamond cutter” in the business. If you are rough diamond, Andrew will help you reveal your brillance in no time.”

Sophie Normand
Co-Founder fewStones Pte Ltd, Veeroll Pte Ltd

Praise4CAREO: “Andrew is able to deliver outstanding results during work sessions. I really appreciated his efficiency, in addition to his reliability and knowledge. All these qualities make him a unique contributor to one’s success.”

Lydie Roux,
General Manager Turkey & Business Operations Director Europe-Middle East-Africa for Merck&Co, (Pharma AH)

Praise4CAREO: “I had been recommended to use the services of Whitefield Consulting Worldwide. Seeing the methodology at work was an eye-opener. Using the techniques of management consulting, the firm with Andrew saw that my needs were attended to. The process was highly collaborative and give me more insight and a deeper perspective not just on writing essays but on myself as a professional.
On the basis of my experience, if anyone really wants this type of professional expertise, which is rare, then I would urge them to contact the WCW team and Andrew Scharf. Seek his direct assistance.”

Marie Hoegh-Guldberg,
Zone Controller Western Europe at CEVA SANTE ANIMALE

“Andrew is coaching MBA candidates like no one else. I would not have been prepared enough without his advice. Great job!”

Adrian Perez Revuelta,
Auditor – Financial Services (FSO) at EY

“I can clearly say, Andrew is one of the most valuable people I have ever seen: a passionate professional with lots of knowledge in his field. He always shows a great and honest dedication to help others to fulfill their goals. A highly dedicated person, efficient and hardworking. Always takes care of the job.”

Tiphanie Courty,
Senior Consultant at Boxwood Ltd

“Getting into a top MBA requires motivation, focus, data gathering and discussions with the right people who can provide you with feedback and advice. CAREO’s knowledge of what business schools are looking for was unvaluable.
Andrew has been a great support and advisor during the whole process. He will not only get you into the right school but also help you identify your strenghts/weaknesses. His work you will help you for the rest of your life.”

Contract and Business Manager

“Andrew is an outstanding professional focused on strategic objectives. His helicopter view of business results were crucial in steering work toward a positive outcome. His holistic coaching approach fostered my potential and allowed me to attain my personal goals. He is constantly supportive and helpful.”

Agathe Bidet,
Owner & Director, Clivus Multrum France

“I highly recommend CAREO. Working with Andrew Scharf was more than just counseling. He helped me to regain some self-confidence and to find my way. For me, he was a guide I really appreciated to have during this stressful path to career transition. He knows how to extract and highlight what is the best in you.”