MBA Admissions: Getting Started? Fast Track Your MBA !


“With our MBA Admissions Consulting services, you can be on easy street…”

Years ago, we pioneered a series of MBA Admissions strategies to fast track any MBA candidate’s applications to the top business schools. By doing so, we removed the guesswork and counseled MBA wannabes to foster their personal brand. I reasoned that successful branding strategies used in the corporate world could work just as well for an individual. When I launched CAREO, I was pleased to see our clients empowered with the opportunity to fulfill their professional MBA aspirations.

As a boutique MBA Admissions consultancy, we specialize in personalized attention. Why loose time or make mistakes? Our holistic approach will maximize your an MBA admissions with a positive outcome. I have outlined below the advantages of partnering with us as your personal brand and MBA admissions evangelists.


“Why leave your future to chance…”

1. Personalized Service
We start by helping you harmonize your professional aspirations with your personal goals. Our holistic approach to MBA admissions begins by getting to know you. We help you target the most appropriate MBA programs. With a workable timeline and actionable plan, you are ready to take on the world.

2. Establishing An Action Plan
With our comprehensive approach to business school admissions, why not take advantage of services we pioneered. Once you sign-up, we plan your strategy, create a PowerCV, give you feedback, and offer suggestions on what to include in your essays.

Once your target MBA programs are selected, we examine the details and attack the requirements. With guidance each step of the way, success lies in your hands.

3. MBA Essay Analysis
Don’t kid yourself. You can have a brilliant track record and a great GMAT and still be rejected. Your MBA essays must be powerful and persuasive. We’ll show you how to write compelling stories to make your essays stand out. Constructive feedback guarantees that what you submit will portray your candidacy in the best light.

A word of caution: Do not worry about the competition. It is pointless. What you can do however, is to manage the assets you have on your side. Having a strong personal brand will mark out your profile for serious consideration. Let our keen marketing strategists show you how. The sweat equity is on us.

4. MBA Application Procedures
Application creation also demands a well-crafted CV, selecting and preparing the ideal recommenders corresponding to your MBA targets. Rely on us to empower your CV, navigate your essay drafts, whilst polishing them like the diamonds you can see at Cartier. Getting a ‘yes’ on your MBA Admissions is so much easier.

5. The Final Touches
Just when you think the process is over, there is always one last thing to do. Count on our feedback sessions and interview training. When you are called to interview, you will have the confidence to shine like a star.

Getting Started? Fast Track Your MBA Admissions!
Let’s Talk. Email us directly and submit your contact details. Let’s discuss your requirements. We offer both package rates and hourly fees. Choose the option best suited to your schedule.


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