How To Handle The Fear Of Failure

“The greatest fear is fear itself.” – Franklin Roosevelt

We are a funny lot. Our minds have us conned and are out of control. One of the major fears we all have is the fear of the future and fear of failure. Nobody likes to fail. However, the fear of failure is like poison and if we give in to this, we condemn ourselves to living a life of lies. Do you realize that when your consciousness is directed outward, you give rise to the mind and the world you perceive? I thought not. Time has come to change tactics. Direct your mind inward. Realize your own source. Return home to the non-manifested by living in the present moment.

A successful response to fear and failure is a question of approach.

The time has come for a cold shower. Sometimes we give into the illusions that surround us. We listen to the advice of well-meaning others without diving into the eternal ever present moment which is now. Everything in a physical form is subject to life and death. Every entity is subject to change. When times are tough we need solace and concrete solutions not as Hunter Thompson described, bouts of fear and loathing.

Relish your Being and set your Self free.

This is not a concept. It is a state of consciousness. The effects of the egotistical mind are all around us and at best can be described as insane. However, something new is emerging. More and more people are breaking away from these outdated concepts and putting themselves back on the road to well-being. Collective mind patterns have condemned us into bondage for eons. Time to end your suffering. Release your pain. Only you can do this. Nobody can do this for you. It’s aa journey we all must make. Some of us make the journey sooner, others of us make it later. But make it we must, willingly or unwillingly.

In the words of Sensei Nyogen Senaki, “You cannot see it with your eyes. You cannot hold it with your hands. You cannot smell it with your nose. You cannot hear it with your ears. You cannot taste it with your tongue. You cannot form it in your thoughts. Here it is“.

He is referring to the happiness and peace which is our birthright. Don’t you want to live in a state of consciousness where you are no longer subject to your worst tendencies and fears? Of course, you do. What do you hope to achieve? Are your goals so material that you have forgotten to bask in your own glory? Optimistically, focus on your goals. Breath deeply and watch the flow of energy go in and exit your body. Forget results. Focus. Dissolve. Repeat.

This technique sounds rather easy and intuitive, but it becomes hard to do when the consequences of fear and failure appear severe.

Let me give you an example: Many people loose their jobs for one reason or another. Some because their companies are downsizing, outsourcing, changing their business model, or whatever. The reasons never make sense because there is no sense to make. Forget rationalizing these decisions. Do not flagellate yourself. Accept this fact with humility. For anyone who has gone through this process, it is a destabilizing position. However, you are better than this. You are not a job function. Believe in Being. Accept your own divinity. Rejoice in your existence. Experience Being and dance in your innermost invisible presence.

“Because you’re living in the material world…”

Just think. There is nothing to buy. There is nowhere to go. Seek but do not grasp. Being can be felt but it can never be mentally understood. It is beyond the mind.

You’ll experience it when you feel the waves of consciousness percolate throughout your body filling you with joy. To regain awareness is what some term enlightenment. Enlightenment is just another term. The ego mind loves terms like this. Forget them all. Just rejoice in wave upon wave of Being.

Our inability to feel this connectives gives rise to fear, fear of the unknown, fear of the known and fear of the future. Oddly enough, our greatest obstacle to bathing in bliss 24/7 is our identification with the mind. Our minds have become our own worst enemy torturing us with its compulsive tendencies. This is why we suffer and everyone thinks suffering is a norm. There is nothing normal about this. It is mental noise which prevents us from revealing in bliss.

Time to recognize that the actions you take in face of challenges is critical to your ability to deal with them.

How do you deal with fear and failure? Share your comments below.

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