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Welcome To CAREO

Your Transformative Career Specialists

CAREO is more than an online global coaching network.

We are a team of unshakable optimists, who believe that together we can build you a brighter future. Counseling is something we don’t take likely. It is our belief that fulfillment is your birthright not a privilege. We see ourselves as part of broader movement for goodness.

Let our optimists transform your life story into one based on awareness and authenticity. We help you find your “Why” before we tackle the “How” and the “What” to meet your professional and personal goals .

Let CAREO Coaching guide you to OVERCOME LIFE’S CHALLENGES to achieve breakthroughs.

Simply put, we share with you how mindfulness will unleash your passion. Join our community and learn the power of presence. Once you understand what truly motivates you, achieving results becomes easy.

Positive psychology and emotional intelligence can guide you to transform your life one step at a time rooted in awareness and authenticity. We understand this because we too have walked this path. Learn our strategies in a holistic coaching program that works for you. Let us help you bring your work-life back into balance.

So what you are truly looking for:

Are you thinking about career change?
Are seeking to apply for an MBA or EMBA program?
Are you applying to university?
Are you looking to rebuild your personal brand?
Do you need to rebuild your CV or are you looking for interview training?

CAREO Coaching can assist you to meet any of the above objectives.

Our goal is to give you the tools and resources to transform yourself by discovering your true purpose. Want to discuss a particular project, drop us an email: enquiries@whitefieldco.com

Should you want to transform your life while achieving your professional and personal goals, we invite you to have a conversation.

Call us now: (+33) 01 46 24 62 47

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